Services & More

At Casa Naomin, we create any retreat or event with our philosophy in mind: Both the people who live in the forest as well as those who visit it have to adapt ourselves to the needs of the forest and not the forest to the needs of man, thus caring for resources and maintaining this ecosystem. We accept all kinds of philosophies and religions, all colors and sizes, any form of spirituality or life, the only thing we will not tolerate is intolerance. Also, we offer the option to rent the whole place for the days you need to make your event private.

The facilities include a beautiful yoga shala located in the valley, a traditional temazcal in the centre of the project and a multipurpose dining hall that may be used for movies, conferences, receptions and more. You can choose to stay in our hostel or if you require more privacy in one of the cabins and for the adventurous,an extensive camping area.


We have dry toilets where we separate liquids from solids and showers with spring water heated using solar energy. There are campfire areas where you may request firewood for your convenience. We have designed trails throughout the complex for guided hikes; you can explore the mountains on foot or you can support Don Pablo, our neighbor, and his family by choosing horseback.


When you make your reservation with meals, we must remind you that there is the option for pizzas baked in our handcrafted clay oven! Delight in our vegetarian dishes prepared with ingredients mainly sourced from the market in the town of Santa Rosa. We always use fresh ingredients and pay great attention to their origin.

  • Yoga Retreats

    We have a shala (yoga hall) which is located in the middle of the valley with a 360 degree view of the sierra, with capacity for 30 people. We invite instructors from different parts of the world to share and teach in the middle of our forest and experience yoga through nature.

  • Green Construction Workshops

    Visiting master architects and bioconstructors from different parts of the world. In all our workshops, we take care that the learning is convenient thus students will leave with the foundation necessary to start their natural building projects.

  • Permaculture Workshops

    People who visit us live by the philosophy of permaculture, where we share knowledge and techniques that help us to have a more responsible and conscious life.

  • Children's Retreats

    We teach sustainable building, permaculture and yoga-focused workshops to develop skills in children that keep the balance between their being and their environment.

  • Hiking

    In addition to the 26 hectares of forest within Casa Naomin, there are trails that lead us to waterfalls or natural pools where you can swim. You can also walk to the dam or simply enter the Sierra.

  • Horseback Riding

    You can explore and enjoy the Sierra by horseback while supporting Don Pablo and his family who are part of the community where we live. Please contact us in advance to reserve.

  • Vegetarian Cooking Courses

    Learn how to cook naturally, healthily and environmentally-friendly. A vegetarian diet helps to reduce your carbon footprint and save precious water resources.

  • Volunteering

    Learn and share work with us. We have various volunteer programs where we work and exchange knowledge by hosting.

  • Location Rental

    Casa Naomin cares about giving a homey atmosphere and good quality service. We always have our doors open to the public but if your event requires it, you can rent the whole place and do a private event.