About Us

The hummingbird fable

One day, a long time ago and in a faraway place, or so the legend goes, there was a huge forest fire that was raging the countryside. All the animals were terrified, running around in circles, screaming, crying and helplessly watching the impending disaster.


But there in the middle of the flames, and above the cowering animals, was a tiny hummingbird busy flying from a small pond to the fire, each time fetching a few drops with its beak to throw on the flames. And again. And then again.


After a while, an old grouchy armadillo, annoyed by this ridiculously useless agitation on the part of the hummingbird, cried out: “Tiny bird! Don’t be a fool. It is not with those miniscule drops of water one after the other that you are going to put out the fire and save us all! ”


To which the hummingbird replied, “Could be, but I’m doing my part”.

The Family



General Director, partner and founder of the Casa Naomin project. Certified as a physiotherapist (2005-Universidad Autonoma de Cd. Juaréz) and as a spa technician (2010) in Centro de Capacitación para la Formación de Masaje y Servicios Spa. In charge of the restaurant area and the general project. Her main drive is to share the tools that allow people to be full through a conscious diet, as Hippocrates said: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”


Jose Luis

Founding partner of the Casa Naomin project. More than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, practical experience in the areas of Operations, Lean Mfg, Quality and Six Sigma. His skills have allowed him to achieve: team building, development of people and leaders, implementing changes and putting a catastrophic situation back on track. He considers that the most important thing is the human element, and to the extent that we understand and accept our behavior and our differences we can have a better world.



Founding partner of the Casa Naomin project. She is in charge of the Permaculture and Bioconstruction Area and photography. Certified in Permaculture by the Ridgedale Permaculture Institute in Sweden (2013). She aims to share her knowledge through her experience at Casa Naomin, so that people can live from within the philosophy of permaculture, taking into account their ethical principles: “Care of the earth, caring for people and sharing the resources”



Founding partner of the Casa Naomin project. He has 5 years of experience in Yoga. Certificate in India (500hrs+ TTC) by the IndeaYoga school. Manager of the yoga school inside Casa Naomin. Certified in the Centro de Capacitación para la Formación de Masaje y Servicios Spa. It considers that the potential of the human being is great and can be expressed in its totality through the balance between the earth and its being

The Land

Casa Naomin is a project that started in June 2014, has 25 hectares, located in the Sierra de Santa Rosa, in Guanajuato, Gto. With the intention of having a space and providing the necessary tools to the people that live in the Sierra and the people who visit reach a spiritual, physical and mental balance through our school of yoga, alternative therapies, permaculture and natural building.

We are in a forest that has 13 different species of oak; one of the few remaining places in the world where you can find such a variety of this species. This sierra, with 113 thousand hectares, is the wettest area of the state and strategic for the uptake of water, which feeds the springs that provide water facilities.


At Casa Naomin, we not only work for the environment, also we work with families who are part of the community of the Sierra, all our collaborators (masons, cooks, maintenance personnel) living in the surrounding area. Casa Naomin is activating the economy of the highlands and helping families provide another type of income, in addition to the felling of trees to make charcoal.


Along with the families of the Sierra, people that visit us have planted around 1500 trees, we have had potlucks and workshops where permaculture and natural building have been shared with the community.